Due to the coronavirus all InHarmony concerts have been postponed.

We apologise to all our supporters and hope you will not only

rebook these concerts but support us in the future.

Please keep checking the website and we look forward to seeing

you all soon.

Up and coming concerts will be announced here and

on the News page


#Click to view Venues and directions

 supported by shaw & Crompton parish council

We are a group of singers who come together every week to enjoy the activity of making music, but also to enjoy each others company.

We come together to perform concerts at 8 to 10 venues annually each year.

Within the group there is a small core who are happy to perform solos or duets and in the past we have added a poem or two.

Rehearsals are on Monday evenings at St Andrews Methodist Church, 

High Crompton from 7.45 to 9.45. 

It is a very friendly band of people of all ages and mixed voices and we are lucky to have small but balanced tenor & bass section.

We welcome all new members of any ability whether able or not to read music, but especially men to swell the ranks.

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